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Lighting Science Group Corporation, one of the world’s leading LED lighting technology companies, announced a business partnership with Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar®. Lighting Science® collaborated with the world’s largest casual dining chain to monitor, evaluate and markedly reduce energy usage for lighting in their 23 company-owned restaurants. Through the installation of ultra-efficient and design-enhancing LED lamps, Applebee’s should net an energy reduction for lighting of 88% per year.

“Replacing outdated incandescent and halogen bulbs made economic sense to us,” said Bill O’Keefe, Applebee’s Executive Director of Development. “The new LED lighting systems make our restaurants more energy efficient and match our design standards, and Lighting Science has been a valuable partner in this process.”

Applebee’s replaced over 3,000 incandescent and halogen lamps with Lighting Science’s 8W A19 LED, 14W BR30 LED, 8W Par20 LED, and 6W MR16 LED. Following the project’s completion, Applebee’s reported an 88% reduction in total energy usage for lighting, sparing an average of 820 kilowatts per year.

“LED lighting is clearly the environmentally favorable technology, but it also often outperforms standard lighting products,” said Clyde Huffman, principal of Restaurant Lighting Concepts. “For businesses like Applebee’s with a heightened focus on creating positive customer experiences—ambiance and lighting matter most. Lighting Science‘s LED lighting offers a blended form and functionality to match Applebee’s energy, economic and design needs.”

The initial cost estimate of the LED lighting retrofit was tempered by utility rebates made possible with the lamps’ Energy Star certifications. A tax deduction through the 2005 Energy Policy Act (EPACT) also applied. Considering these incentives, Applebee’s anticipates a simple payback in a little over seven months. “Lighting Science is proud to partner with Applebee’s, an American staple,” said Keith Scott, Chief Commercial Officer at Lighting Science. “Our lamps improve their restaurants’ bottom-line and achieve unrivaled lighting quality to enhance the customer experience. Given the energy, maintenance and architectural benefits, Applebee’s will definitely reap the rewards of this innovative technology.”


PROLIFIC Installation in Spain

We’re continuing our work to re-light the world with low-cost and long-lasting LED lighting.  LSGs high performance PROLIFIC series street lights now line the streets of Banyeres de Mariola Alicante, Spain. Compared with traditional HID street lights, the PROLIFIC LED series street lights are 50% more efficient, provide more uniform light distribution, increase light levels, and will save Banyeres de Mariola Alicante thousands of dollars in energy cost over the life of the fixtures.

“Communities all over Spain are struggling with higher energy cost — installing Lighting Science Group’s PROLIFIC street lights was a perfect solution to ease that problem,” said Mr. Antonio Belda Valero, Mayor of Banyeres de Mariola Alicante. “We looked at many other products on the market, but Lighting Science Group’s LED street light outshined them all in price, performance and longevity.”

Our CEO, Zach Gibler, said, “I would like to thank Eyeleds Spain SL for introducing our cutting edge products into Spain and INELBO S.A.U. for installing them.”



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